Namidabashi Lab.

Namidabashi Lab. Co., Ltd. was established in July 2015, near the Namidabashi area in Asakusa-Sanya, Tokyo.

We offer consultation services for and work toward creating a space for dialogue in health development and health system strengthening matters. In particular, we aim to facilitate peoples’ sense of psychological safety and understanding of what has happened and how the happenings have been shaped in each person’s minds and systems involved in health development. Our tagline is “Drop tears of relief”.

Drop Tears of Relief

The literal meaning of Namidabashi is “the bridge (bashi) of tears (Namida).”

What We Want

What we want to create is a society with more space, where anyone can find relief.

WLB for Next Generation

We take action to support raising next-generation children, considering the work-life balance of our staff.

for Environment

We take actions to enhance positive environmental impacts of our activities.

Contract Preference

We prefer to underrepresented-owned suppliers. vendors, contractors, etc.

Performance Indicators

We use several KPI indicators to evaluate our business activities.

Corporation Profile

Date of establishment, corporate Address, company history, etc.